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Three Reasons to Have a Towbar Fitted When Purchasing a New Car

Posted by Bob Newman on Nov 21, 2013 - 0 Comments

You might think because you live in Sydney’s CBD that there’s no need for you to bother fitting your new car with a towbar, but you’d be wrong. There are actually three very good reasons to why getting a towbar fitted when you buy a new car is an excellent idea.


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1. The Future: Are you going to spend your whole life in the city, or at least for as long as you’re going to keep that new car? Maybe you don’t need a towbar now but you never know if you’re going to need one in the future. What if you want to go camping, go caravaning, buy a boat or collect large furniture? You can’t say definitively that you’ll never do one or more of these things, so that’s why you can’t say no to a towbar. You owe it to yourself to be ready and able to tow anything should the need arise.

2. Save Money on Holidays: There’s no reason to go overseas when Australia has so much to offer. One of the best ways to experience everything there is on offer is a good, old-fashioned road trip. Bringing along a caravan or a trailer full of camping gear will see you saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, which would’ve otherwise been wasted on hotels.

3. Take What You Need Where You Needed: A lot of jobs these days aren’t confined to an office anymore, and the worst thing about this is realising there’s just no way you can take all the stuff you need from one place to the next. Enter the car trailer. Load all your gear into the car trailer and come the end of the day, you’ll have had everything you need and there’ll still be plenty of room left in the car for you and your family.

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