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How to Prep Before Towing a Caravan or Trailer These Summer Holidays

Posted by Bob Newman on Dec 30, 2013 - 0 Comments

This summer is certainly shaping up to be a scorcher with Sydney already experiencing its fair share of hot weather. Weather like that is perfect for getting out of the city, out to the bush and heading down to beach with the caravan or trailer hooked up to your car. But what should you be keeping in mind this summer when it comes to towing safely?


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The biggest issue when it comes to towing safely this summer is the condition of your tyres. Your tyres are definitely going to be feeling the heat and combined with the long distances you’ll be travelling they’re definitely going to need a little TLC. Before you even hook up your caravan, you’ll need to check the tires on both the caravan and the car and ensure that you’ve got at least one spare for both of them.

While you’re checking out the tires, make sure you have a look at the tread depth – you want at least 1.6mm of tread, and if you’re not getting that then you need to replace those tires as soon as possible, lest you risk getting a bald tire only an hour or two into your journey. Check for signs of uneven wear too – if you think some spots are more worn than others, you should get a wheel realignment done, again, to avoid getting bald tires early in your journey.

The devil is in the details – keep an eye out for any cuts or nails that could be causing a slow leak in your tires that you may not otherwise feel until you’re too far from home. If there are any cuts or nails, you’ll need to replace the tire pronto. If there are no cuts or nails, check the tire’s air pressure and inflate them to the recommended pressure. Don’t forget: you’ll need to adjust the pressure to suit the weight you’re towing.

Going camping or caravaning in the summer can be a great way to make some fantastic memories that you’ll always treasure but if you don’t prep your tyres before you head off, those memories might end up looking a little more sour in retrospect. To make sure you’re ready for a summer of towing have a read of Knowing When It’s Time for a New Towbar as well.

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