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Carasel Towbars Top 5 NSW Destinations for a Caravan Adventure

Posted by Bob Newman on Dec 12, 2013 - 0 Comments

When you’ve got your towbars and caravan only half the heavy-lifting is done. It’s all well and good to be able to hitch it all up but if you haven’t got anywhere to go it’s pretty pointless. Luckily for you, we’ve got five of NSW top caravan destinations to help get you out of Sydney this summer.


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1. Blue Mountains: Only an hour west of Sydney the Blue Mountains offer spectacular natural sights like ‘The Three Sisters’ and plenty of stunning waterfalls and untouched forest, as well as limestone caves like the Jenolan Caves. And if you need a break from nature head into some of the nearby towns to embrace the country lifestyle.

2. Coffs Harbour: The weather in Coffs Harbour is arguably the best in Australia with a perfect sub-tropical climate. Weather like that is perfect to make the most of the many uncrowded beaches that the region boasts as well as the opportunity to cast a line and get fishing.

3. Glenn Innes: If you’ve got an interest in ancient Celtic culture or just want to experience a good old-fashioned country town, Glenn Innes is the place for you. There’s a big Celtic influence in Glenn Innes, most obvious in their own replica Stonehenge and with a town of 6,000 you’ll certainly get a real country experience without sacrificing comfort.

4. Lightning Ridge: The big drawcard of Lightning Ridge is it’s history of yielding beautiful black opals, which you can still dig for today. After a long day’s mining (or not) you can relax in the bore baths. With their average temperature of 42 degrees, any tired muscles will be sure to unknot.

5. Moree: If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway that might even see you coming back healthier, try Moree. Though it has a rich farming history the majority of tourists come for the hot springs which have at least eight different types of minerals in them and a constant warm temperature.

With so many great places to visit, there’s end to caravaning adventures you’ll have around NSW. For more towing tips, have a read of Regulating Sydney: What Are Your Towing Restrictions?.

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