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7 Things You Can Do When Your Car Has a Towbar

Posted by Bob Newman on Dec 09, 2013 - 0 Comments

Having a towbar attached to your car can make a real difference in your life when it comes to recreational activities, as well as day-to-day tasks. Being able to hitch up a trailer or the boat can save you plenty of time and money and let you get on with your day or holiday outside of Sydney. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out why you need a towbar.


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The Ultimate To-Do List For Any Towbar User

1. From A to B: At some point in your life, often multiple times, you’re going to want to get a whole lot of stuff from one place to another. Sure you can squeeze as much as you can into the car, but what about those bits and pieces that are just too big or can’t be bent or maneuvered so roughly? Having a towbar to hook up a trailer will save you from having to hire someone else to do the job or having to make lots of trips, eating up plenty of petrol.

2. Out in the Water: There’s nothing like a day on the water during the long, hot summer months. Being able to take your boat wherever you want whenever you want can see you having the best summer yet and a towbar is the way to do it.

3. Going Bush: If you’re keen for camping in a little comfort, a camper trailer is the way to go. But good luck getting the camper trailer there if you can’t tow it. Make the most of your camping trips by getting a towbar.

4. Pony Club: There might not be too many horses in Sydney’s CBD but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there in the outer suburbs. Owning a horse is extremely rewarding, teaching responsibility as well as always having a nifty form of exercise just waiting for you in the backyard. Being able to tow a horse float will give you a greater range of experiences on horseback – join the local pony club or visit a national park and spend a day trail riding. Without a towbar it’s just going to be you riding in circles your paddock.

5. Out of Trouble: If you’re a fan of off-road driving then you’ll know that one of the biggest dangers awaiting you is getting bogged. Not a problem if your car’s got a towbar. Have a mate pull you out or you can come to rescue of another driver within minutes. Don’t forget that your towbar needs to be up to the job – otherwise things can get a lot worse!

6. Bikes Away: One of the best ways to get your kids outdoors is to cycle as a family. But not everyone has easy access to bike riding tracks. With a towbar you can set up a bike rack and be on your way.

7. Just In Case: You can’t definitively say that in five or ten years time you won’t want to do any of the above or the other host of activities that need a towbar. One morning you might wake up with the urge to travel Australia in a caravan and if your car hasn’t got a towbar that dream’s dashed before it even gets up off the ground.


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