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You’ve Got Mail: How to stay grounded while you’re on the go

Posted by Bob Newman on Jul 17, 2014 - 0 Comments


When you’re a grey nomad, you have to get creative with how you receive your mail.


Deciding to make your life mobile can be a very liberating experience. Waking up in new towns and cities, forgoing the monotonous rituals of mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters, coming across new personalities everywhere you go… what more could you ask for?

However, living a stable grey nomad lifestyle still comes with bills and notices and other bits of mail that still need to be checked and responded to so that you can keep your life in order. Here are a few ways you can get around checking the mail:


Stay organised

Keep your affairs in order and your journey running smoothly by keeping a diary. For example: you can make note of when your insurance, license or registration renewals are due so that you have enough time to get yourself to a roads and transport office or to a phone to call your insurance company.


Direct debit it

For those who are less organised and a little bit more flexible with their funding, organising a direct debit before you leave for your journey is a good idea. The bills are taken care of without you needing to get to a stable internet connection or bank branch, and you can continue smoothly on your journey.


Internet banking

Most banks have an internet banking function that allows you, at any time of day, to: check your bank balances, pay your fills, transfer money between your accounts or to other peoples accounts (NAB, ANZ, Commonwealth, and others). Some banks even have internet banking smartphone apps that allow you to take care of your banking needs straight from your phone, making it easier for you to take care of your finances on the road – just make sure that you’re not using them while you’re in the drivers seat! If you’re not comfortable with using


Forward it on

Perhaps your friends, children or trusty colleagues are staying put in your hometown for longer than you plan to – with their permission, having your post forwarded on to them is great to ensure that your hard mail ends up in trustworthy hands instead of going mouldy in an unchecked mailbox. Otherwise, you can organise to have your mail forwarded through Australia Post, which you can collect by simply showing your license or passport.

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