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Towing a Caravan: Should You Opt for New or Second-Hand?

Posted by Bob Newman on Dec 16, 2013 - 0 Comments

With plenty of great places just outside of Sydney to visit these summer holidays, a caravan is a great way to see them. However, buying a caravan can be an expensive decision but there’s always the option of choosing second hand. But are you better off paying that bit more and towing a new caravan?


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What You Need to Tow

A brand new caravan certainly has a lot of advantages.

For starters, you know that everything inside and outside the vehicle is going to work and if something doesn’t work it’ll be covered by a warranty meaning that you won’t be left out of pocket for something that isn’t your fault.

Another great thing about choosing to buy a new caravan is that you get to make those smaller detail decisions like higher quality finishings. Of course that’s not to say that the perfect caravan for you isn’t out there on the second hand market.

If you do decide to go second hand it’s extremely important that you get as much information about the caravan’s history as possible.

Find out roughly how many kilometres it’s covered and how often it had to deal with rough terrain.

Also, choosing a second hand caravan that comes standard without an engine is often a better choice than going for one with a built-in engine because you can avoid mechanical failures.

There are some advantages to choosing second-hand if you do it smartly.

Opting for a cheaper caravan can help stop you from feeling too precious about it and preventing you from exploring rougher terrain and if something does happen to your caravan there’s the comfort in knowing that you didn’t spend all that much on it in the first place.

Only you can decide if you should get a second hand or new caravan, it all depends on what matters more to you when it comes to cash and comfort.

However, when you do get your caravan, to start you off on your adventures have a look at Carasel Towbars’ Top 5 NSW Destinations for a Caravan Adventure.

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