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The Car Accessories Dictionary

Posted by Bob Newman on Feb 10, 2014 - 0 Comments

Bike racks, couplings and jerry cans

Car Accessories

Before you hit the open road make sure your car is well-equipped with the right accessories.

If you’re new to the world of car accessories and are stumped on what you need for your next out-of-town adventure, fear not – Carasel have you covered from roof racks to trailer winches.

Bike rack: A bike rack, or bike carrier, can be attached to the roof of the car or to the tow hitch, depending on the vehicle.

Roof rack: A luggage rack on the roof of the car.

Hitch lock: A security device which aids in preventing a caravan hitch from being connected to (or from) a towball.

Wheel lock: an anti-theft device, usually for alloy wheels.

Coupling locks: Similar to a hitch lock, the coupling lock prevents a trailer hitch from being connected to (or from) a towball.

Rotary vents: A motorised air vent to be attached to the roof or wall of the caravan.

Fixed vents: A non-motorised air vent to be attached to the roof or wall of the caravan.

Jerry can and gas holders: Usually attached to the back of the car, the jerry can or gas holder is pretty self-explanatory. They’re safe and save room in the back of the car to fit more camping gear in.

Towing mirror: A side mirror that elongates further out than the normal mirrors so that you have a better view of the cargo you’re carrying.

Weight distribution kit: A hitch that transfers some of the load from the tow ball to the front and rear suspension of the towing vehicle. This reduces tyre wear, improves braking and reduces sway, making for an easier drive.

Jockey wheel: A retractable height wheel that is used on the front of trailers to help level the trailer nose over the trailer hitch. Once the trailer is securely attached to the towing vehicle, the jockey is fully retracted for stowage.

Trailer winch: A device that makes use of a crank and cable to help with launching and retrieving a boat from an incline.

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