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Sydney’s Top Water Sports: Carasel Towbars talks Surf, Sand and Solitude

Posted by Bob Newman on Oct 28, 2013 - 0 Comments

Are your land legs aching for a drenching? Are you bored of the quiet frolic by the bay? Do you like your activities action packed? Ah, we hear ya! That’s why here at Carasel Towbars we’re running down of favourite heart racing, leg working, core clenching, jaw dropping water sports that you, your mate and the family can look forward to this glorious Sydney summer.
Carasel Towbars Sydney Water Sports

Walking on sunshine. Floating on water… getting wet is good for your body, your heart and your mind.

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Saddle in for a paddllin’ my friends; Sydney has so much to offer when it comes to kayaking.

Kayaking is great for all you fitness fans. Research published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine from Sydney University found that “flat-water kayaking is characterised by exceptional demands on upper body performance”. This means it’s great for the heart and for creating lean muscle mass. Furthermore, the same article on kayaking published in the Sydney Morning Herald also referenced an interesting study in the Journal of Leisurability, its findings suggested that a 12-week kayaking program left participants feeling more self confident and with high levels of self-worth.

Well, there you go. Science. Science says you should drag that kayak onto your trailer (or rent one down at your chosen spot) and head out now. In doing so you’ll get fit, get happy and get to explore a few of Sydney’s secret treasures.

Kayaking can be as simple or as difficult as you like. But it is important that not all kayaking paddles are created equally. Do you research and honestly assess the fitness levels of everyone participating in order to avoid unnecessary injury.

For a brilliant review of Sydney’s best locations we recommend Sydney’s Best Kayaking Spots from the culture and activity aggregates over at Time Out Sydney.



Surfing is a Sydney institution. Passed along though intricate kinship rituals it causes one to develop a deep understanding of Mother Earth and her mighty waves. Do you wish to watch the surfers and their delicate dance from afar or is this the season you dive in. Learn to stand up, stay up and get gnarly at one of Sydney’s many surf schools. If you’re already a pro, pile up the surf racks and trailer and hit the waves knowing you’re doing some great stuff for your body and mind. Surfing pretty much works out all of your body; helping those who finesse the fine tubular art develop great cardiovascular health, strong limbs and core, and an unbreakable balance.

Best of all it’s a great way to hang out with your mates or your kids. Even if you’ve never done it yourself.

Check out the Manly Surf School if you’re keen to look as good as these blokes in a wet suit.


Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding, it’s a trendy sport, but don’t let that get in the way. You may have enjoyed your fishing, your canoeing, your leisurely swims, but folks now days are after a bit of a challenge. I’ve never paddle boarded, but I’ve heard about its growing popularity, particularly from people coming in store looking for accessories to get their massive Malibu boards to the beach safely.

Paddle boarding involves taking one of those old fashioned Malibu boards and a paddle. Standing up you attempt to gracefully keep your balance whilst paddling your way around the bay; your body burns, your legs tremble, and friends and family laugh as you tumble self consciously into the shallow water. Once you’ve mastered it however (apparently you gain your confidence and balance quite quickly) you’ll be impressed by the health benefits.

You can paddle your way to memories and muscles at these Sydney locations:

Oz Paddle in Rose Bay have stand up paddle boards for hire and also offer instruction.

Manly Surf School offers private and group SUP lessons in Manly, Narrabeen and Balmoral.



Well I was tired of all this fierce activity. Paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, they’re all well and good but a spot of fishing is a fine thing in and of itself. Fish have fight, so that’s your workout sorted. Now all you have to do is relax and unwind. Be it with friends, kids or colleagues, fishing is a great way to get some time together. Take the opportunity to check in with each other and check out of the daily stresses. Fishing is also a great way to exercise your mind. In a world of gyms, phones and facebook we often forget that our mind needs a bit of a work out too. Patience is tested, skills of analysis built and, if your fishing to eat, an understanding of our food source is developed when you grab the car, fill the trailer up with your lunch and rods and find a nice spot to drop bait.

Sydney Angler can help you find the closest fishing spot to you: click here for more.

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