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Sydney Car Insurance for Towbar-Fitted Vehicles

Posted by Bob Newman on Nov 05, 2013 - 0 Comments

You might not be aware of it but both Sydney based and international insurers deem fitting a towbar to your car a modification, which if they’re not notified about, could see your insurance become invalid. It’s a pretty scary thought that such a small adjustment to your car could see you driving around without insurance, but why is this the case?


There are insurers out there who believe that when you modify your car, say by attaching a towbar to it, your insurance can be cancelled at any time. This is generally the case with larger insurance firms who offer low prices as long as your car fits within certain, very strict guidelines. When your car no longer meets with one of these guidelines, you’re no longer covered. So what can you do about it?

The answer’s simple: insure your car, towbar and all. Do be aware that insurers view a car with a towbar as being more high-risk than your average car and driver. This is because since you can now pull all sorts of things like trailers, caravans, and boats, your insurer is liable to third party claims if, for instance, you reverse into someone with your trailer. It doesn’t matter how long or safely you’ve been driving, towing for the first time can be extremely tricky, daunting and stressful.

Of course, not every insurer will give you a cheap price for insuring a car with a towbar. This is where things like premiums and comparison tables all come into play, so it’s important to do your research. Major insurance companies like Allianz or NRMA will be able to offer you some for of trailer cover, possibly as it’s own individual form of insurance, but, again, it’s all down to you doing your research as every car is different, so every quote is too.

It might seem like a hassle to have to re-insure your car if you choose to have a towbar, but in the long run, with the majority of insurance companies seeing a towbar as a modification, you’re better off to play the game than to run the risk of being uninsured.

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