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Carasel Towbars

Introducing Carasel Towbars: Get Your Car We’re Heading Out

Posted by Bob Newman on Oct 10, 2013 - 0 Comments

Car Accessories and Towbars

No matter what it takes, get out there!


Hello, Sydney!

You are currently gearing up for a whopping heatwave today — 39 degrees by all predictions. With summer set to swelter we couldn’t think of a better time to start jotting down a few thoughts about our love of “blowing the joint”, “getting out of town” and “hitting the old dusty trail”.

See, it’s very easy to say “Oh, they just sell towbars!” but we like to think of it a little differently. We’re rather passionate about the great outdoors, adventure, family and getting away from it all. We love our sports — fishing, kayaking, biking, you name it — and we relish any opportunity to travel to a new destination. We believe that a car is freedom, and that a car with the right accessories leaves your life open to countless possibilities.

You can get so much out of life when hopping into the family automobile means that the car is fully packed with all the recreational gear you need once you hit your favourite camping, fishing or surfing site. We’re throwing down a proverbial gauntlet to those who say “I don’t have time” or “I just can’t get away.” Discover convenience and you’ll find your whole world opens up. Whether it’s time to leave your desk job and take up your own gardening business, teach the kids to fish or surf or take off on that caravan adventure, you can do it now. Time is of the essence, lets make those memories count.

We’ll be here regularly just posting away about all our favourite things. Great new products, secret retreats, untamed trails and inspiring photos. Keep checking in, we’ll be here!

See ya soon,


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