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Carasel’s Favourite Camping Products and Accessories

Posted by Bob Newman on May 01, 2014 - 0 Comments

camping accessories

Get off the grid and stay off it, but do it right with these state-of-the-art camping accessories.


Who doesn’t love a handy list of camping accessories?!

Camping is great: getting off the grid, getting into wildlife – what’s not to love? The preparation and packing stage of the camping process is possibly the least enjoyable, but the most important. Tent? Check. Food? Check. What else? Well, the essentials list could go on and on and on, but there are also some fancy accessories made purely for battling the extremities. While some camping purists will pooh-pooh this list, we think some of the items listed below are really great (otherwise why would we bother writing this in the first place?) and will make a massive difference to your camping experience.

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The Camping Accessories Hit List:

Roof rack shower: It’s been a day or so and you’re still in between camping sites. It’s time to whip out the roof rack shower and get the cleaning party started. Though camping showers are hardly a new concept, these updated solar-powered systems have given the portable shower a new lease of life. It’s pressurised, it’s warm (heats up to a steamy 46 degrees) and is perfect for washing you, your equipment or your dishes.

Camping chairs… with a twist: Every grey nomad has at least two of these stashed in their rig – it’s the quintessential accessory for rest while traversing the plains of this fair land. And while camping chairs come at a dime a dozen, finding a good chair is not so easy. The Revolve camping chair will change how you view outdoor, portable furniture – with a 360 degree swivel base, you can spin all day long if your heart so desires. The Revolve also has the option of being kitted out with an mp3 pouch and built-in battery-powered speakers – sit back, relax and enjoy the par-tay!

Salt lantern: Who would have thought that our seas could eventually power our camping technology? Behold, the salt lantern – mix up a saline solution or pluck it out of the local beach and you could have a lamp glowing for up to eight hours. The website’s in Japanese, but you can pick one of these guys up on Amazon, too – just look for the easy-to-remember model name, GH-LED10WBW.

Survival straw: For the intrepid explorer, being on a bushwalk may go on for much longer than a day, with the very real possibility that you will run out of drinkable water during your journey. However, with the NDūR survival straw, all you need is a trickle of water to flow at your feet to safely quench your thirst – the device claims to eliminate up to 99.9% of micro-organisms, 99.99% of all chemicals and 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria – which is pretty much as close to completely safe as you can possibly get.

Solar oven: Feel the future… future… future… and taste it, too, with the latest in al fresco cooking: the solar oven. The futuristic contraption uses parabolic mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a glass cylinder, generating enough heat to cook the contents inside. According to the designers it can bake, boil and fry – with no mess to clean up afterwards. Though cooking time is largely dependent on how bright and sunny a day it is, it apparently can still bake a tray of muffins in two hours on a cloudy one.

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What’s your camping must?

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